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4 slide zinc die casting machine
4 Slide Die Casting Machine

Zinc Miniature Die Casting Manufacturer

To provide you more precision and high quality zinc miniature die casting parts, we equipped with 8 sets zinc Miniature Die Casting Machine, it also called 4 slide die casting machine, it is complete difference with Conventional Die Casting process. it have advantage with high speed, high quality with precision dimension. it capability between 3g to 3kg around. 

Meanwhile, we also have Conventional Die Casting machine and aluminum die casting Machine in house. it offer different choice with different process.

Zinc Miniature Die Casting Parts Review

Zinc alloy die casting parts for auto
Zinc alloy die casting parts for consumer device
Zinc Miniature die casting parts
cast designer CAE optimizer

We use cast designer CAE software to optomize product structure and mold runner system,which helps to reduce
risk and shorten development lead time.


What we do

The Facility for zinc die casting

Die Casting Maker

We equipped Muti slide and Conventional Die Casting machine, Mould Making room, Plating outsource.

Zinc Alloy Conventional Die Casting
Zinc alloy die casting mould making machine
Zinc Miniature die Casting Company

Die Casting Project working Process

This is a description of working process about die casting projects

Sign NDA

After you checked our website and products, contact us with NDA file, we will check and send signed NDA file back to customer.

3D&2D Drawing

3D and 2D drawing need send us for raise quotation, 3D drawing for structure check, 2D drawing need to understand the machine process and dimension tolerance.


Customer will review our quotation and process. and decide if will release the PO to us.

Prototype Making

Some of customer need to run Prototype to check design. we will make CNC prototype to customer use material Al 6061.

Die Casting Mould Making

We will start die casting mould making after customer confirm the quotation. normally we will need 30 days to make the mould, after T0 trail, we will send samples to customer for approval.

Mass production

Dimension approval, material approval, function approval, after these steps, our parts get green to move forward. then we will run MP for customer.

I really enjoyed the whole project process. The team delivered goods based on true specs and on time. Will definitely recommend!



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