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Zinc die casting surface finish options treatment

    zinc plating on die casting parts

    As we all know, zinc alloy material performance is very good in die casting, the die casting parts is stable and colorful. easy to cast, and long-life time usage, with these advantage, that is Why zinc alloy die casting is popular for consumer electronics parts.

    Now zinc alloy die casting process is more and more popular, however, do you know how many types Zinc die casting surface finish options treatment? why we need to do these surface treatment? today lets discuss it.

    Zinc die casting surface reason

    Zinc alloy material is chemically very active, very easy be oxidation in the air? so we need to run some surface treatment to protect parts. after treatment; those products will be Corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant and beautiful!

    Types of Zinc Die Casting Surface treatment

    To most of Die casting manufacturer, common zamak product surface finishes as below.


    Zinc die casting surface finish options treatment

    Electroplating is the use of chemical methods in the zinc alloy die casting surface plating with a decorative effect of copper, nickel, chromium, silver, gold and other metal layers. Prevent zinc alloy die castings from being oxidized in the air, but also to enhance the metal texture of the die casting, making it more high-grade, atmospheric, beautiful.


    Professional die casting company

    Sandblasting is  forcing solid particles across that surface at high speeds using compressed air, sanding surface effect, to enhance the product’s metallic texture.


    Zinc alloy die casting parts surface treatment

    Polishing is the use of mechanical polishing , to make zinc die casting parts surface mirror effect, so that it looks shinny.

    Spray Painting

    Through the spray gun with the help of air pressure, disperse into uniform and fine droplets, applied to the surface of the object. The appearance of the treated die casting is rich in color!


    zinc plating on die casting parts

    Electrophoretic is a kind of electrically charged paint; under the action of electric field, the anodic or cathodic charge of the paint will move to the cathode or anode. and deposited on the surface to form a film, after drying to become a paint film. This process is often used on products with special needs.


    Through this blog. you know why we need to run surface treatment for zinc die casting parts; please let us know if you have zinc alloy die casting project need to run.


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