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Zinc Die Casting Company

Zinc Miniature die Casting Company

As a top leader of zinc die casting supplier in china, we offers custom and precision zinc die casting parts to various customer and industry. We equip Conventional hot chamber die casting machine and multi-slider high speed die casting machine.

What is Zinc die Casting?

Zinc alloy die-casting is the process of getting die-cast products by melting aluminum ingots with zinc element as the main component, and then pressing them into the mold cavity quickly with high pressure, which generally refers to hot chamber die-casting here.

Conventional Zinc Die Casting Factory
Conventional Zinc Die Casting Machine
Zinc Miniature die Casting Company
Multi-slider die casting machine

Conventional Die Casting

Means general zinc die casting, need longer cycle time, around 30s seconds. need to use extra CNC machining to achieve high precision die casting parts.

Multi-slider Die Casting.

New technology, with fast speed and short cycle time, around 6~7 seconds. save material. high precision. can not produce bigger size parts.

About us

Yuan Zhong Precision Offers comprehensive aluminum; zinc and magnesium die casting services to customers throughout the world. To be leader of aluminium die casting companies in china, we not only use high quality and Rohs alloy materials, but also use high precision machining and equipment, to ensure our cast parts fit customer’s application’s performance needs. with our experienced tool and die makers, make our mold dimension can meet customers drawing, even critical dimension. Read More

Zinc Die Casting Products

Custom zinc die casting products worked on Dental Equipment, Medical Devices, Electrical Switching Panels, Automotive, HVAC Tools and Motor Armatures and so on.

zinc plating on die casting parts
aluminium die casting parts
Auto connector die casting

What we can do?

Tooling and Die Casting

We Provide High quality and Precision die Casting mold and parts to customer.

Design and Engineering

Our engineering department assists with efficient, cost-effective methods for producing die cast products from the simple to highly complex applications.

Precision Machining

CNC Machine centre will support speedy and flawless duplications & alterations every time. All operations such as drilling, tapping, milling or more all done in house.

Competitive Price

Our professional engineering team will study and raise competitive price to customer

Value Added

We manage all finishing requirements to ensure parts meet customer specifications, using our trusted qualified finishing sources.

Quality Control

With our High tech measurement equipment 3MM inspection, and X-ray Detector; our QC can control the quality from material to final inspection.

Why Do Our Customers Work With Us?

Precision zinc die casting services
In-House die casting dies making
Experience Engineers.
High Precision various Facilities
Advanced quality control system
Experienced Die Casting Mold design

Rohs Die casting alloy materials
High Tech CMM and X ray equipment suppport.
Competitive pricing
External value added processes
100% visual inspection
Personalized customer service


our factory can produce zinc die casting parts with following mateiral, ZA-8, ZA-12 and ZA-27, Zamak #2, #3,#5,#7, our Zinc die casting machine range from 30Ton to 400Ton. if you have zinc die casting project need to develop, please contact us now!


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