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Which is better powder coating or anodizing

    Anodized Aluminum

    In order to solve the problem of industrial aluminum profiles and aluminum alloys to achieve higher corrosion resistance and wear resistance, aluminum alloy products to be anodized; then what anodizing, what is powder coating? Which is better power coating or anodizing?

    Which is better powder coating or anodizing
    Which is better powder coating or anodizing

    What is Anodizing?

    Anodizing mainly refers to the anodic oxidation of aluminum and aluminum alloy. Anodic oxidation is the process of immersing aluminum or aluminum alloy parts in an acidic electrolyte, which acts as an anode under the action of external current to form a corrosion-resistant Al2O3 (aluminum oxide) film layer firmly bonded to the substrate on the surface of the part. This oxide film has special characteristics such as protection, decoration, insulation and wear resistance.

    Anodizing Process

    Polishing/sandblasting/Brushing → oil removal → cleaning and other pre-treatment → anodizing → neutralization → dyeing → sealing → drying

    Powder coating step by step process
    Powder coating step by step process

    What is Powder coating

    Is the use of powder spraying equipment (electrostatic spraying machine) to powder coating to the surface of the workpiece, under the action of electrostatic, the powder will be uniformly adsorbed on the surface of the workpiece, forming a powder coating; powder coating after high temperature baking leveling curing, into the final coating with different effects (different types of powder coating effects).

    Powder coating step by step process

    Polish/Cleaning →Removal oil →Pre-treatment →Hanging part → electrostatic dust removal → spraying → low temperature leveling → baking

    Difference between powder coating and anodizing

    Powder coating and anodizing have their own advantages and disadvantages, but relatively speaking, we prefer to use powder coating because it is easier to produce, high yield and low price.

    AnodizingStructure of anodic oxide film: The anodic oxide film consists of two layers, the outer layer is called porous layer, thicker, loose and porous, low resistance. The inner layer is called the barrier layer (also known as the active layer), which is thinner, denser and has high resistance.
    Realization of any color except white.2. Characteristics of anodic oxide film: high hardness and wear resistance, strong adhesion ability, strong adsorption ability, good corrosion resistance and electrical insulation and high thermal insulation.
    3. Achieving nickel-free sealing, meeting the requirements of Europe, America and other countries for nickel-free.
    1. High pollution2. High price3. High defective rate
    Power Coating1.High efficiency: Since it is one-time film-forming, it can improve 30%~40% of production efficiency and reduce 30% of energy consumption.2, less pollution: its raw materials are polyurethane, polyurethane, epoxy resin, hydroxy polyester resin and epoxy/polyester resin, no organic solvent volatilization, can be matched with a variety of colors.3、Good performance of coating film: one-time film thickness up to 50-80um, its adhesion, corrosion resistance and other comprehensive indicators are relatively high.4, color variety, according to customer requirements to make a variety of colors.The biggest disadvantage is that it is afraid of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, and long-term exposure will cause natural fading. The color difference between the sunny side and the non-sunny side of aluminum panels will be obvious after a few years. Generally, the color difference will occur after 2-5 years.
    Difference between powder coating and anodizing


    In summary, the advantages of powder spraying are more significant and less polluting, easy to produce, high yield rate, and low price. So the Power coating is better. as china die casting company, Our experience also prefers powder coating.


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