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What are the advantages and disadvantages of die casting?

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    What is die casting?

    Die casting is process, inject melten light metal material into die under force pressure. after cool down, the die open, we get the die casting part, this process is called die casting. the reusable steel die, we called die casting die. how i know my project is good for die casting or not? plus what is the advantages and disadvantages of die casting? let’s dig it out.

    The advantage of die casting

    1. Die casting parts dimension is accuracy
    2. Good surface finish. Painting, Coating, Anodizing and Sand blasting all can work.
    3. High strength and hardness,generally 25 ~ 30% higher than sand casting, but the extension rate is reduced by about 70%.
    4. dimensional stability and good interchangeability.
    5. Thin-walled composite castings can be die-cast. For example, the current zinc alloy die castings with a minimum wall thickness of 0.3 mm. Aluminum alloy castings, the minimum 0.5 mm;

    6. High production efficiency

    7. Easy mechanization and automation
    8. Excellent economic benefits



    The disadvantages of die casting

    1. generally can not heat treatment

    The porosity on die castings cannot be heat treated because the two main features of die castings are high pressure and high speed filling.

    1. High upfront cost

    The upfront cost is quite high. Before starting mass production, we first need to invest in molds.

    1. Low life time

    Die casting life is low for high melting point alloys (e.g. copper, ferrous metals) and defects on die cast products increase greatly with the passage of time.

    1. Not suitable for small batch production

    The main reason is the high cost of die-casting type manufacturing, the high productivity of die-casting machine, small batch production is not economic.


    Now you are clear on die casting explanation, advantages and disadvantages of die casting, then you will understand if your project suitble for die casting, if you still have question on this die casting process please let us know through below button.


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