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Pressure Die Casting vs Injection Molding

aluminium die casting parts

Pressure Die casting and injection moulding are very common types of industry, they are different processes, one for the production of metals; such as aluminium, zinc and magnesium alloys; and the other for the production of plastics. today lets talk about more detail on that.

Pressure die casting vs injection molding
Pressure die casting

High Pressure die casting

Under extra force of die casting machine,press Molten Metal into pre-build molding or tooling, after cooling down and shaped; get the casting parts. here the Molten metal normally means Aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, magnesium alloy and Copper and so on.

Pressure die casting process

this process have mainly below steps.

1.Molten ingot, like aluminium,zinc and magnesium; different material with different molten temperature.

2. Loading the die casting mold on machine, and heat the mold temperature to 200 degree, avoid mold crack when molten material contact dies.

3. Mold Opening, Spray the release agent on mold surface. so that parts will not stick in mold.

4. Mold closing, Ladle pouring the molten metal into Nozzle; and machine force pressure the material into tooling.

5. Holding Pressure, Extra pressure keep on press bar. to keep material into cavity.

6. Cooling, Cast parts will be cooling down and shaped.

7. Mold Open, Ejection systems working and eject parts out. the whole cycle is finish. then mold close, repeat next cycle.

Pressure die casting pros and cons

High precision, thin Wall products, Minium:0.5mmA relatively large production volume is required to make the process cost-effective
Fast ProductionHigh initial cost
High automationWall thickness not over 6MM
Wide range possible shapeDraft radiu and fillets required on the casting
High efficiencyCan not run Heat treatment
ReusableEasy have porosity
Anodizing, Hardening
Pressure die casting advantage and disadvantage

Injection Molding

The injection molding machine screw rotates the molten plastic or polymers; and pushes it into a pre-fabricated mold, where it is cooled down, and obtain the product.

Plastic Injection mold
Plastic Injection Molding

Injection Mold Process

Normally the injection mold process is similar with die casting process. but there also some significant different; like they use different material. the injection mold process have below main steps.

A. Dry plastic or polymer material. debug the moisture of material.

B. Loading injection tooling on machine; and heat the mold to proper temperature, different material require different mold temperature.

C. Check Mold function, cleaning the barrel of injection machine. and Close mold.

D. Injection material into mold cavity. this process around 0.5 seconds. extreme high speed.

E. Holding Pressure and cooling down. avoid mold shrinkage happen.

F. Mold Opening, Ejection systems eject parts out of molds.

Injection Molding pros and cons

High precision, thin wallHigh investment. Mold is expensive.
High strength and long lifetimeMold building complex
Short cycle time, around 8~40seconds.Machine investment is high
Over million shots lifetimeNeed experienced technician and engineer
Complex shape
Plastic injection molding advantages and disadvantages.

Pressure Die Casting vs injection Molding

Pressure die castingInjection molding
MaterialMetal ingot(Aluminum,Zinc,Magnesium and copper)plastic pallets; ABS,PC,PP,PBT and so on
Mold material8407,8418,H13S136,NAK80,718,738
Mold Temperatureover 180 degreearound 100 degree
Mold Structurerelative easyComplex, Various mold type, hot runner mold, insert mold, stuck mold, double injection mold and so on.
Machinehot chamber die casting machine, cold chamber die casting machineplastic injection machine; 2k injection machine
Molten Metal Temperaturealuminum 650, zinc magnesiumaround 200 degree
cycle time7seconds~2minutes30seconds
tooling life noraml 50K shots1000K shots.
Tolerance0.2mm around0.03mm around
Post ProcessCNC MachiningN/A
Surface finishsand blasting, power coating, Anodizing; PaintingPainting, Coating,Texture,Printing
Pressure die casting vs injection molding

Which Process is more better for your Project?

Till now you already understand die casting and injection mold process. how you choose the process for you next project? first is function, metal die casting parts more strong and more longer life time then injection molding products. that’s obviously reason to choose.


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