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Magnesium Die Casting Sulfur Hexafluorid

    Magnesium Die Casting Sulfur Hexafluorid

    Nowadays, die-casting machines come with magnesium melting furnaces, and SF6 is now one of the most important protective gases in the industrial production of magnesium alloys, which belongs to solvent-free protection.

    Due to the low ignition point of magnesium (350°C), when the temperature is higher than 350°C, magnesium will burn violently. Therefore, in the process of magnesium melting to protect the magnesium liquid, the traditional method of using solvent coverage to achieve flame retardant purposes, but the traditional solvent method will cause pollution of the magnesium liquid, increasing harmful impurities, and ultimately affect the quality of the product. The most widespread and advanced in the modern industry is to use SF6 and N2 mixed atmosphere protection.

    What is Sulfur Hexafluorid

    Sulphur hexafluorid is a colourless, odourless, non-toxic gas, non-combustible and slightly soluble in water. Magnesium Die Casting Sulfur Hexafluorid is very important factor to improve magnesium die casting products quality.

    What happens when magnesium reacts with Sulfur Hexafluorid

     in the melting process, when the temperature rises to 350 ℃, pass into the mixed protective atmosphere, in order to generate a layer of MgO protective film in the upper layer of the magnesium liquid, due to MgO instability, when the temperature continues to rise to about 600 ℃, MgO and SF6 will continue to react to generate a layer of dense and stable MgF2 protective film. The temperature continues to rise, the film will not be destroyed, thus playing a good protective effect, through the SF6 as a protective gas process production will not cause solution pollution, and low cost.

    Reaction mechanism.

    2Mg + O2 = 2MgO, the first to generate MgO protective film.

    MgO+SF6→MgF2+SO2, followed by the production of dense and stable MgF2, playing a role in flame retardant


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