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hot chamber die casting process

    Hot Chamber Die Casting Process

    What is Hot Chamber Die Casting.

    Die casting also called High pressure die casting, HPDC, it is process push molten metal into die casting dies under extra force. after cool down and solidified. get the casting parts. this process is called die casting. there is 2 different method to use this process. Hot chamber and cold chamber. Hot chamber die casting means the furnace molten metal inside of machine. normally, Zinc and magnesium alloy use this process.

    in this articles, we mainly explain how the hot chamber process work? keep reading.

    Hot Chamber Die Casting Process
    Machine Coponents

    Machine Components

    1. Injection Systems; it include Piston/Plunger; Gas accumulation; Furnace and Gooseneck; main function, Molten alloy metal and offer extra force injection material into dies.
    2. Dies, built with Hard steel, Heat-resistant steel, Such as 8407, H13, 8418.
    3. Moving and Fixing Platen; Hold the die casting dies. and offer clamping force.
    4. Ejector Pin; Eject cool down parts out of Dies.

    Hot Chamber Die Casting Process

    The molten metal furnace inside of die casting machine, not like cold chamber die casting, the furnace is side of die casting machine. hot chamber die casting furnace connect press chamber by gooseneck. so that material can directly press into mold. without ladle. the detail process as below.

    1. Molten Metal, put ingot inside furnace and heat to 450 degree, make the metal molten, this process mainly used on Low molten material like Zinc alloy(Zamak) and Magnesium alloy.
    2. Preheat die casting dies, avoid dies crack Because of the rapid change in temperature. Normally, heat the dies to improve mold life.
    3. Die casting mold Closed. Clamping force been added on mold.
    die casting mold closed

    4. Molten Metal been pressed into mold by Piston/Plunger, the gas accumulation offer the force. after that the piston down and seal the material gate, Avoid material back-flow.

    injection metal alloy Material

    5. Molten material been cool down and solidified in mold. and mold open.

    die casting dies open

    6. Ejector Pin Push the part out of mold. then closed for next cycle.

    Advantages and Disadvantages

    High precision with Thinner parts.easy have blisters, air pockets.
    Produce complex shape parts.
    Faster cycle time.
    Less Metal Waste.
    Machinery longer life
    Better environment
    Machine relative smaller.


    Hot Chamber die casting process offer many benefits to company. also offer various precision with high quality products. Yuanzhong have fluent experience on this process, also multi-slider die casting.our team familiar with aluminium alloy, zinc alloy and magnesium alloy, if you are looking for more information, please contact us today.


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