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High Pressure Die Casting Molds Manufacturer

    High Pressure die casting molds manufacturer

    High Precision and Quality High pressure die casting molds manufacturer in china

    Die casting molds; die casting machine and ingot; they are the main three factor of die casting. whatever aluminum die casting or zinc die casting. they all need die casting dies; to make the die casting parts success. today lets talk more detail on die casting moulds.

    What is die casting molds?

    The die casting molds is a tool for casting metal parts. normally use high stength heat resistant steel made. due to it need to bear temperature rapid change. also is a tool for completing the die casting process on a high pressure die casting machine.

    High Pressure die casting molds manufacturer
    High Pressure die casting molds manufacturer

    Main structures

    It consists of two main section: the fixed mold(Cavity ) and the moving mold (Core). The molds is fixed to the mould mounting plate of the die-casting machine and the straight sprue on the mould is connected to the nozzle or chamber of the die-casting machine. The moving mold is fixed to the die casting machine’s moving mould mounting plate and moves with the die casting machine’s moving mould plate to complete the opening and closing of the mould.

    Working process

    Although die casting molds may look simple, each set of molds contains a mold cavity, a pouring system, an overflow and Venting system and ejector mechanism.

    No matter what die-casting mold, also no matter what material used on; such as aluminum, zinc, magnesium or brass alloy. its working process includes the following actions:

    1) Mold closing: the mould closing and awaiting pouring.

    2) Pouring: the robot or the operator pours the material from the furnace into the barrel.

    3)Press injection: Huge pressure press molten metal flow into mold cavity with extremely fast speed.

    4)Mold opening: the mold open and the core draw back with an inclined guide pillar.

    5)Core extraction: slider move back, under the action of cylinder.

    6) Ejecting: the casting is ejected under the action of the ejector mechanism to facilitate the removal.

    7)Taking out the parts: remove the casting from the mold manually or automatically; if there is a buckling pin, pay attention to the direction and angle, do not brutally knock and pull, otherwise the ejector pin will be easily damaged.

    8) Spraying: clean the mold cavity, front and rear molds and spray them evenly with release agent.

    9)First reset mechanism: If there is an ejector pin under the extractor core, you need to make a first reset mechanism such as a tie bar to protect the mold.

    10) Close the mold again and repeat the above process.

    HPDC molds advantage and disadvantage

    Use Die casting process have various advantage and benefits. through below firm you will find those benefits. as a high pressure die casting molds maker, we can made custom export die casting tooling with high precision and quality.

    High precision, thin Wall products, Minium:0.5mmA relatively large production volume is required to make the process cost-effective
    Fast ProductionHigh initial cost
    High automationWall thickness not over 6MM
    Wide range possible shapeDraft radiu and fillets required on the casting
    High efficiencyCan not run Heat treatment
    ReusableEasy have porosity
    Anodizing, Hardening

    What are the different types of die casting molds?

    Die casting molds have following types according to their structure, material and die casting method

    Different die-casting machines used

    Die casting moulds for horizontal cold chamber, horizontal hot chamber and full vertical die casting machines

    Different materials for die-casting alloys

    Aluminium, zinc, magnesium and copper alloy die casting molds

    Different die-casting methods

    High pressure die casting molds, low pressure die casting molds

    Different forms of mold construction

    Two-plate molding, three-plate molding

    Different gating positions

    Eccentric sprue die casting molds, centre sprue die casting molds


    As professional high pressure die casting molds company; we have fluent experience to handle precision and complex die casting molds. our engineering team experienced with mold design and die casting process. please send us a message if you have die casting project need to develop.


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