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Difference between Sand Casting and Die Casting

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    There have a lot difference between sand casting and die casting, they are complete different process. so what is exactly for the difference between sand casting and die casting, today let’s dig it up. keep reading.

    Die Casting Explaniation

    Die casting is molten light metal, under die casting machine force, been injected preshaped die casting die. after cooling down and take the part out, this process called Die Casting.

    Sand Casting Explaniation

    Use CNC machine copy product by aluminium block. put the copied aluminium product into special sand(Sio2), make the sand pattern out. take the copied aluminium block away. close the sand pattern, filling with molten metal. destroy the sand pattern, and get the casting part, this process called sand casting.

    Die Casting Vs Sand Casting

    The difference between Die Casting and Sand Casting


    Die casting Material is limited. due to die casting process need material flow is great. Such as ADC12; ADC10; Zamak5 ; Zamak3 and Magnesium alloy and so on.

    Sand Casting Material is no limited.


    Die casting Tooling is reusable steel die, permanent mould, normally mold life will be over 50000 shots.

    Sand Casting tooling is sand pattern, it is one time tooling, have to be destroyed each time.


    Die casting is much more accuracy, with less CNC machining. Machine controll.High Consistency

    Sand casting is mannual process. rely on technical worker experience. with Less Accuracy, need to run much CNC machining to achieve precision dimension.


    Die Casting process less defects.

    Sand Casting have much defects, such as bad rough surface, unfilling, warp and so on. these will need a lot post process to improve it.

    Heat Treatment

    Normally, Die Casting Can not run heat treatment, due to the shrinkage porosity inside of part. heat treatment will heat and broke the porosity, and damage die casting parts.

    Sand Casting parts can run Heat treatment.


    Die Casting front-end invest is bigger. due to need to invest tooling, which is expensive. this process suitable for large volume products.

    Sand Casting investment is much lower. it suitable small batch goods.


    here now you can understand what is difference between die casting and sand casting, which process will much more suitable for you product. want to low invest on sand casting, then you have to accept its defect. still have question on these process? you can send your question through below button, our expert engineer will check and raise their suggestion for you. Contact us now!


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