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Die Casting Dies

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    Die casting dies is one of the three conditions of die casting (die casting machine, die casting dies and die casting material),The molten metal is cooled and solidified in the die casting mold, and finally the die casting is formed. The shape, size and quality of the die casting, as well as the smoothness of die casting production are closely related to the die casting mould, so it is vital to design the die casting mold correctly and reasonably. today we discuss die casting dies design, structure and Material. keep Reading

    Die casting dies and mold
    Die Casting Mold structure

    Basic structure of die casting Dies

    Commonly used die casting dies consist of two halves, called the fixed dies and the moving dies. There are also more complex die casting dies that have more than two halves.

    Die Casting Molds structure

    The Function of die casting dies components

    (1) Straight sprue; Connects the pressure chamber or to the Sub-sprue, including the gate sleeve and Sprue spreader, etc.
    (2) Pouring system;The channel through which the Molten Metal enters the cavity, including the inner sprue, the cross sprue and the straight sprue, etc.
    (3) Cavity; forming the geometry of the die casting.
    (4) Core extraction mechanism ;Complete the extraction and insertion of the movable core, including slide, slider, cylinder, tilting bar, etc.
    (5) Overflow discharge system; Discharge gas and store cold metal residue, etc.
    (6) Temperature control system; Control the temperature of the die casting mold, including cooling water pipe and heating oil pipe, etc.
    (7) Ejector Systems; Ejects the die casting from the core, including the ejector bar, etc.
    (8) Moving moldbase; Connecting and fixing moving mold parts, including sleeve plate, support plate, etc.

    engine disal die casting

    Die casting moulds Design

    (1)To adopt advanced and simple structure as much as possible to ensure stable and reliable action as well as daily maintenance and repair.
    (2) To consider the modifiability of the Pouring system, so that the necessary modifications can be made during the Mold trial process.
    (3) Reasonable selection of tolerances, shrinkage and machining allowance to ensure reliable mold fit and required die casting accuracy.
    (4)Choose suitable mold material and reliable heat treatment process to ensure the service life of the die casting mold.
    (5) should have sufficient rigidity and strength, can withstand the clamping pressure and rising force, die-casting production process does not produce deformation.
    (6)Use standardized die casting mold components as much as possible to improve economy and interchangeability.

    Die Material in Die Casting

    Component NameMaterialHeat Treatment
    Cavity insert, Core and sliderH11、H13;8407、8418;SKD61,DAC,DH-31,1.2344HRC 46-48
    Sprue inserts, gate sleeves, Sprue SpreaderH11、H13;8407、8418;SKD61,DAC,DH-31,1.2344HRC 46-48
    Guide pillar, guide sleeve,T8AHRC 50-55
    Push BarT8AHRC 50-55
    return pinT8AHRC 50-55
    Mold Base, Support Plate;push plate45HRC 28-32
    Slider base, wedge wear plate, wedge block45HRC 40-45


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