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Die Casting Process Flow Chart

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    Die casting process flow chart, means make light metal ingot(aluminium, zinc, Magnesium alloy)into shaped product, this process called die casting, there have many die casting factor need to focus on during this process; Let’s pick some major points to discuss today, so that you can understand the process, and how is working. keep Reading.

    1. Die Casting

    Molten light metal, under high force pressure, the liquid metal been injected into die casting die, after cooling down and shaped. the casting part been ejected out, now we get the shaped part with gate, burs and flash and so on.

    2. Runner And Slug Remove

    next, we need to remove the Runner and Slug on product. most of factory will use machine to remove it. our factory current use Ultrosonic machine to remove the flash and burs. the machine is working well.

    3. Tumpling

    There have some tiny burs not been removed by ultrosonic device. so we need to tumpling to remove it.

    4. CNC Machining

    Till now, we already got the part without burs and flashs, the part surface is smooth. most dimension is meet into the tolerance. but there still have some critical dimension with tight tolerance. mould can not been achieved. so we need run CNC machining, to machine the part, so that the critical dimension can meet customer drawing requirment.

    5. Sand Blasting

    Sand Blasting can clean the part, increase the part surface roughness. Improve the adhesion of product surface plating

    6. Coating

    Coating will be most important step on die casting process.It determines the quality of the die-cast product, it can play a role in protecting the product against moisture, corrosion and increase the color of the product, but the shrinkage in the product will magnify the bad plating.

    7. Visual Inspection

    Our products are 100% inspected before shipment to pick out surface defects, shrinkage porosity, bubbles, etc. We also Run CDK device to ensure that the important dimensions of our products are within tolerance.

    8. Packaging

    After 100% visual inspection, we will use proper packaging and cartoon, to pack the goods property. to ensure the parts will not been damaged during the transport.

    9. Storage

    Before shipment, the goods will need stay factory a little while, we need put in warehouse for proper storage. Dust-proof, waterproof, moisture-proof, etc.

    10. Shipping

    Each cartoon will be well marked with the product item number, quantity, origin, cartoon number, and production date to facilitate quality tracking and transportation.

    Die Casting Process Flow Chart

    Die Casting Process Flow Chart


    Through this Flow chart, you can understand how the die casting part been produced, what steps need to be handle. there have many factor need to be pay attention to. also need sub-contractor to support. As a professional die casting company in china, we can handle the whole process. most of process been handled in-house. Coating process will be close worked with sub-contractor. if you have project need to be developed. please through below button, lets talk about, our engineering expert will raise suggestiong to you. whatever is the process, material, Mould issue. Contact us now!


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