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Conventional Die Casting vs Multi Slide

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    Conventional Die Casting and multi slide die casting is cutting-edge die-casting technology,Conventional die casting is more common, multi slide die-casting is a technology that has emerged in recent years, it is fast, high quality, high precision, high consistency, especially suitable for some small size products (less than 500 g). like automotive connector industry, so what is difference between Conventional Die Casting vs Multi Slide? let’s dig in today, keep reading.

    conventional die casting vs multi slide
    conventional die casting machine

    Conventional Die Casting

    The conventional die casting process, also known as high pressure die casting, consists of four main steps, include die casting mold preparation, filling, injection, and deburring, and they are the basis for various modified die casting process. The preparation process involves spraying lubricant into the mold cavity, which helps control the temperature of the mold in addition to helping to release the casting. The mold is then closed and the molten metal is injected into the mold at high pressure, which ranges from about 10 to 175 MPa.
    Once the molten metal is filled, the pressure is maintained until the casting is solidified. The ejector then pushes out all the castings. Since there may be more than one cavity in a mold, multiple castings may be produced per casting process.
    The deburring process then requires the separation of slag, including die gates, runners, slags, and flash. This process is usually accomplished by extruding the casting with a special trimming die. Excess mold gates can be reused after melting. The typical yield is about 67%. Pressure casting is a highly effective and efficient method of precision casting. The technology of most die casters in the market today is mainly conventional die casting

    Conventional die casting advantage and disadvantage

    Advantage of conventional die castingDisadvantage of conventional die casting
    Can produce relatively large products (5g~50kg)The input is relatively large
    Mature technology and common applicationTooling fee is more expensive
    Product surface treatment diversificationMachine Take up a lot of space
    Stable product qualityRequires much manual labor
    Multi slide die Casting Machine

    Multi Slide Die Casting

    The multi-slide die casting machine is equipped with improved die casting machine mechanics and a unique injection control system to improve the quality and speed of molded products. also improve casting parts flash and burs.

    The machine’s unique injection control system have closed-loop and open-loop injection,
    Closed-loop control has the advantage of providing optimal parameters for the injection cycle to eliminate the hammering effect, while open-loop has the advantage of being suitable for die-casting small products requiring injection strokes too short to respond in closed-loop control.

    it has helped die casters reduce lead times and cut costs by eliminating secondary operations.
    In-mold release is the automatic separation of the die casting from the runners and gates at mold opening. Use in-mold release.Subsequent automatic part separation helps feed parts directly from the die casting machine into the automated assembly line.
    No manual intervention is required. Closed-loop injection control system provides real-time control of the injection process from start to finish.Resulting in consistent system performance and superior part quality.

    Multi Slide Die Casting advantage and disadvantage

    Advantage of Multi slideDisadvantage of Multi slide
    High product quality and efficiencyMachine are more expensive
    High precision, high consistency,Less defective productsThe large products can not produce
    Very short molding cycle(2~7 second per shot)Currently only available for zinc alloy
    Small machine footprint
    Small investment in tooling
    High material utilization

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