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Cold Chamber Die Casting

The Difference between hot chamber and cold chamber die casting

Cold chamber die casting is one type of high pressure die casting process. it is have slight difference with hot chamber die casting, we ever talked the difference between hot chamber and cold chamber die casting previous. so what exactly is it, how is it working? what is it advantage and disadvantages? today lets talk about more detail, keep reading.

cold chamber die casting machine

What is cold chamber die casting?

Cold chamber die casting is mainly the different die casting machines we use when die casting, depending on the alloy material. the machine is the injection chamber and piston are not immersed in the molten metal, but the molten metal is poured into the injection chamber in a quantitative way. to be simple, the furnace is side of die casting machine. each time, have to be manual or robot to feed material into injection bar.


The process of feeding the molten metal liquid from furnace, manually or robot, into the pressure chamber and pressing it into the mold under the high speed of external force to obtain the die casting after cooling and shaping, is as follows.

  1. Molten metal in furnace, temperature around 620 degree.
  2. Loading die casting dies on die casting machine, and pre-heated.
  3. Spray mold release agent. Mold Closed.
  4. feeding molten material with ladle by manual or robot. into press chamber.
  5. The molten metal is pushed into the dies cavity under high pressure.
  6. Cooling and solidified.
  7. Mold or dies opened. casting parts been ejected out.
  8. Mold or Dies closed for next cycle.

Metal Alloys

this process mainly use on high temperature non ferrous metals, such as Aluminum, Magnesium, brass and copper and so on. the molten temperature around 620 degree. Among them, aluminum die-casting is the most common

Metal AlloysAluminium Alloy, Magnesium alloy, Brass, Copper

Machine Components

Machine components

through above picture, you can find the main components of cold chamber die casting machine. in short. there have below main components.

A. Furnace

B. Machine with Moving and Fixing Platern

C. Die Casting Dies or Mould

D. Ladle, by Manual or Robot

E. Press chamber with Plunger.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Thin-walled and complex products Can workWall thickness need thinner than 8mm
Large size parts can be producedEasy have Shrinkage Porosity inside of Parts
Dimensional stabilityCan not Run Heat treatment
Diversified surface treatmentDie casting dies expensive
High efficiencyTake up more space, more manual operation
High strength, not too difficult technically and cheap
Wide range of applications


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