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Cold Chamber Die Casting Advantages and Disadvantages

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    Die casting is metal type pressure casting on a die casting machine, which is the most productive casting process at present. There are two types of die casting machines, hot chamber die casting machines and cold chamber die casting machines. today we are talking about cold chamber die casting, Keep Reading.

    What is cold chamber die casting

    Cold chamber die casting is a kind of die casting machine in which the injection chamber and the injection punch are not immersed in the molten metal, but the quantitative molten metal is poured into the injection chamber, and then the plunger push the molten metal into the die casting die. after shaped and cool down. the casting parts been ejected out by ejector pin. this process is called cold chamber die casting, now Cold chamber die casting is mainly used for the production of aluminum alloys. Because the melting point of aluminum alloy is relatively higher.

    Cold Chamber Die Casting Advantages and Disadvantages
    Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine

    What is the difference between cold chamber die casting and Hot chamber die casting?

    The press chamber of a cold chamber die casting machine is separate from the holding furnace

    The hot chamber die casting machine (hot air die casting machine) is immersed in the liquid metal of the holding and melting crucible, and the injection parts are not directly connected to the machine base, but are mounted on top of the crucible

    Cold Chamber Die Casting Advantages and Disadvantages

    Cold Chamber Die Casting AdvantagesCold Chamber Die Casting Disadvantages
    Thin-walled and complex products Can workWall thickness need thinner than 8mm
    Large size parts can be producedEasy have Shrinkage Porosity inside of Parts
    Dimensional stabilityCan not Run Heat treatment
    Diversified surface treatmentDie casting die expensive
    High efficiencyTake up more space, more manual operation
    High strength, not too difficult technically and cheap
    Wide range of applications


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