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Aluminium Alloy Die Casting Manufacturer

    As a Top leader aluminium alloy die casting manufacturer in china. we offer custom made aluminum alloy die casting tooling and products for various of industry. with our high tech cold chamber die casting machine and experienced technician, we can handle various complex or low volume aluminum die casting parts.

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    Aluminum Die Casting Products

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    What we can do?

    Tooling and Die Casting

    We Provide High quality and Precision die Casting mold and parts to customer.

    Design and Engineering

    Our engineering department assists with efficient, cost-effective methods for producing die cast products from the simple to highly complex applications.

    Precision Machining

    CNC Machine centre will support speedy and flawless duplications & alterations every time. All operations such as drilling, tapping, milling or more all done in house.

    Competitive Price

    Our professional engineering team will study and raise competitive price to customer

    Value Added

    We manage all finishing requirements to ensure parts meet customer specifications, using our trusted qualified finishing sources.

    Quality Control

    With our High tech measurement equipment 3MM inspection, and X-ray Detector; ; our QC can control the quality from material to final inspection.

    Die casting service range and capability

    Die Casting Machine

    Cold Chamber die casting machine range 160 ton to 3500 ton, total 12sets.

    Hot chamber die casting machine range from 16 sets, include multi-slider die casting machine and Magnesium die casting machine.

    Aluminum alloy Die Casting Process

    All our products and moulds are processed according to a company manufacturing process that guarantees the dimensions; Meet specification of customer. below you can find our factory process.

    Aluminum ingot
    Aluminum alloy ingot

    Aluminium Alloy Ingot

    Cooperate with Qualified ingot supplier, Purchase ingot meet Rohs&Reach international standard.

    Spectrum meter instrument
    Spectrum Meter Instrument

    Material composition checking

    Each Batch Ingot material must to check the composition and make sure meet Rohs standard.

    Mold and dies assemble room
    Die Casting Dies making

    Die Casting Dies Design&Making

    Experienced technician and engineer team, will make sure die casting dies precision and function.

    Molten aluminum alloy ingot
    Molten Aluminum alloy ingot

    Molten Aluminum alloy ingot

    First, we need Molten Aluminum alloy ingot with temperature around 650 degree.

    aluminum alloy Die casting supplier
    Parts die casting

    Aluminum alloy parts die casting

    Various size of cold chamber die casting machine. guarantee parts die casting pressure enough.

    On-site production Quality control
    on-site inspection

    On-site inspection

    Follow our Manufacturing process. conduct on-site inspection for all MP production each 2 hours. make sure the part meet customers requirement.

    Quality Guarantee

    Production parts dimension inspection CMM

    CMM Inspection

    Guarantee dimension precision for parts and dies.

    X-Ray detector

    X-Ray Detector

    Improve porosity of die casting parts.

    100 percent visual inspection

    100% visual Inspection

    Export goods will run full inspection. avoid NG goods out of factory.

    Post Process

    In order to achieve accuracy targets and competitive unit prices, we Equip a lot of equipment to reduce the distribution chain and save product costs. offer competitive price to our customer.

    CNC Machining
    CNC Machining

    CNC Machining& prototype making

    Equipped with various 3; 4.5; 5 axis CNC machine, running parts machining in-house.

    Automatic tapping
    Automatic Tapping

    Automatic Tapping

    Use Automatic tapping machine, reduce manual mistake. Guarantee tapping position and precision.

    Helicoils Assemble
    Helicoils Assemble

    Helicoils Assemble

    Assemble with Various Helicoils. meet customer requirement.

    Surface Finish

    Current we equipped sand blasting, shot blasting, Power coating line in-house. and manage all finishing requirements with trusted qualified finishing source. for examples; anodizing, wet painting, Printing and coating and so on. also we work with Branded supplier, such as AkzoNobel, Most of our Medical customer use their power coating.


    As a professional Aluminium alloy die casting manufacturer, we focus die casting parts quality, precision; now our products various used on medical device, Drone, Military Equipment, Auto and industry. please contact us now if you have aluminum alloy parts or dies develop.


    Looking for an Reliable Aluminium Alloy Die Casting Factory for your next project?