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China Professional Die Casting Company

ISO9001/ISO14001/IECQ Certification
Our Die Casting Technology

We are Professional Die Casting Company in china

YuanZhong Die Casting Company is Die casting Manufacturer in china, offer Aluminum alloy die casting, miniature zinc die casting, die casting mould and post process. Found at 2016 years, our Team all have experienced on die casting industry.

As professional die casting company, we offer high quality with reasonable price on our die casting parts and moulds. main application on auto; medical; communication; Consumer products.

Zinc Die Casting Parts Review

Aluminum Die Casting Parts


What we do

As a professional die casting company, our main business is miniature zinc die casting, Aluminum die casting and post process.

Zinc Die Casting

Equipped with muti slide high speed die casting machine and convinient machine. unique die casting process to produce miniature zinc die casting parts.

CNC Machining

With our CNC machining in-house. we can produce high accuracy dimensional parts. to meet customer requirment.

Aluminum die Casting

Provide high pressure die casting aluminium parts with cold chamber die casting machine. 3500Ton with robotic. can produce over 50kg/single shot large size parts.

Surface treatment and inspection

sand blasting and power coating equipped in house. can save cost and transport fee for customer. goods inspection line with CDK device. plating with outer sourcing.


Selected Client Die Casting Products


Miniature Zinc Die Casting

With Muti slide die Casting Machine in high speed; short cycle time with high accurace dimension


Aluminum Die Casting

High pressure Aluminium alloy die Casting common as cold chamber die casting.

Conventional Zinc Die Casting

Conventional Zinc Die Casting

Conventional die casting also called Hot Chamber die casting.

Muti slide and Conventional Die Casting
Our Die Casting Technology

Muti slide and Conventional Die Casting Technology

Equipped muti slide and Conventional Die Casting Machine, can produce zinc alloy from 3g to 5kg die casting parts.

Muti Slide die casting machine is high speed with short cycle time technology. can produce high accurace die casting parts.

ISO9001/14001 IECQ Certificated
Our Die Casting Technology

Quality Management system

We are hornered achieved ISO9001; ISO14001 and IECQ Certification. TS16949 on process, will be achieved soon.

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